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Policy and communication responses to COVID-19 can benefit from better understanding of people's baseline and resulting beliefs, behaviors, and norms. In collaboration with Facebook, and with input from researchers at Johns Hopkins University (JHU), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN), we fielded a global survey on these topics.

A sample of Facebook users were invited to respond to the survey. Based on input from our team, Facebook provides weights to reduce bias due to nonresponse and to target each country's adult or Internet-using population, rather than just Facebook users. Aggregated statistics are available via our dashboards, JHU's dashbaords, and our public API. Microdata is available for researchers via data use agreements with Facebook and MIT.

Note: This survey has ended (as of March 28, 2021). Some of the content from this survey has been merged into the surveys run by CMU and UMD. If you are interested in using on-going data collection beyond the end of March, you should plan to use the microdata from the CMU and UMD surveys. This requires applying for access to that microdata, which you can do here.

New! Check out our research on how surfacing social norms increases vaccine acceptance.

Suggested Citation: Collis, A., Garimella, K., Moehring, A., Rahimian, M.A., Babalola, S., Gobat, N., Shattuck, D., Stolow, J., Eckles, D., and Aral, S. (2022). Global survey on COVID-19 beliefs, behaviors, and norms. Nature Human Behavior (paper)


MIT Team

Core survey design and data analysis

Alex Moehring

Doctoral Candidate, MIT

Avinash Collis

Assistant Professor, UT Austin; Digital Fellow, MIT IDE

Kiran Garimella

Postdoc, MIT

Amin Rahimian

Postdoc, MIT

Dean Eckles

Associate Professor, MIT

Sinan Aral

Professor, MIT

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